Developed by school leaders and students together, tested in practice and informed by evidence and research, it provides the underpinning for all our work.

SoTo Four Quadrant Framework

We believe there are four fundamentals of equal importance to become a school of tomorrow of the highest quality.

Outstanding schools both secure high levels of achievement for all and lie at the hearts of their communities.

Outstanding schools

All learners make the highest levels of progress in relation to their own starting points towards agreed national standards.

Highest levels of achievement

The ethos of the school secures for all the highest possible levels of health and happiness and of their physical, social, emotional, cultural, moral and spiritual welfare and development.

Highest levels of well-being

All learners achieve increased responsibility and leadership for the conduct of their lives and learning, supporting their broader development as resilient, creative individuals, active citizens and enterprising workers in the society within which they live.

Highly effective preparation for the future

The school makes highly effective contributions to increased social capital, with the school and its communities becoming mutual providers of resources, expertise, employment and learning experiences, each to the other, it is a learning community with effective local, national and international networking at all levels.

Highly effective  family and community engagement

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Using the framework in practice

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