Community engagement changes schools for the better.  Schools can help to change communities for the better.  Schools and communities working together can radically transform the futures of young people. We believe, with the support of a growing body of evidence, that these insights hold the key to effecting further long-term improvement in educational outcomes for our country.


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Schools of Tomorrow is a community interest company owned and directed by school leaders. Every member is a shareholder. Members elect a council each year who appoint the Directors. Our aim is to turn the rhetoric of the manifesto, which we wrote in 2012 to test out our ideas, into reality in schools today.

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Redefining outstanding

Schools of Tomorrow

Our approach is built round the Schools of Tomorrow Framework, which was launched at the RSA in October 2013.

Truly outstanding schools will demonstrate outstanding performance in more than academic achievement. They address all four quadrants of the Framework. That's what our students deserve, and we need to be accountable for that, helping others to see its significance too.


The Schools of Tomorrow Framework

During 2014, Schools of Tomorrow worked to support that vision with a series of publications, school-based research and a linked programme of activities and events. In 2015 we move into a new phase of activity. We are working with our partners, Momentum World and SSAT, to create a new approach to quality assurance for Schools of Tomorrow. We are launching this in 2015 through our Trailblazer programme. We believe it is time for schools to assert and use creatively the freedoms they have been given to secure the best future for their students.

Finally we offer Leadership for Tomorrow Development Programmes to support those aspiring to to become Schools of Tomorrow today.


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